Welcome! I’m Marial

You’re here because you want to make space in your life for creativity. Somewhere along the way you dropped the thread of your creative passion, or you never did get started. Now you’re at a point where the price of NOT doing your creative work is heart-breakingly high.

I know your pain. I’ve been there too — getting paralyzed by old wounds and self-sabotaging behaviours that hold you back from doing the work you know is yours to do. I’m here to help you heal your creative soul.

Are you a shadow artist?

That’s Julia Cameron’s term for when, unable to “step fully into our birthright,” we hide out instead alongside our true vocation.

I spent many years hiding out as a shadow artist, working as an editor and ghostwriter, contributing to over 200 books for publishing houses and indie writers.

While I honed some pretty mean writing and editing skills and gained a unique perspective on the whole publishing process, I didn’t make time for my own writing. Knowing I was a writer, people would ask “where can I find your work?” Heartsick, I would answer: “in other people’s books.”

Heartsick and just plain sick

And speaking of “sick,” I’ve struggled for years with chronic autoimmune conditions that would flatten me for days, months, even years at a time. Unlike Frida Kahlo, who took up painting in her sickbed, I struggled with basic self-care.

Of course, today I see the connection between creativity and illness. As I’ve learned to open to the flow of creative energy, my health has steadily improved.

Am I saying creativity cures illness? Nope, but it’s helped me live with chronic conditions like type 1 diabetes with increasing physical and emotional resilience. I’m healthier now, in my late fifties, than I was in my twenties and thirties. And more freely and productively creative than ever!

Why I coach

My coaching practice grew out of my own journey to recover my creative spirit and my physical health.

Today, I connect midlife women with the deep permission, practical tools, essential habits and fierce soul-fire they need to launch or restore a lifelong creative practice. I invite people to step into their own big, messy magic.

You probably struggle with your own custom blend of self-doubt, procrastination and resistance, and maybe it’s led to the agony of regret after years of postponing your creative dreams.

For years, I justified procrastination by telling myself that taking time for my own creative work was selfish. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

The energy released in us as we reclaim our creative passions not only heals and sustains us, it lights up our families and communities and inspires the next generation.

The process of creating and sharing our work is always transformative, often in ways we couldn’t have imagined.

If you’re curious about how I can help you heal old wounds and become an unstoppable and prolific creator, contact me for a free consultation.


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