Great Writing Advice from 3 Pro Bloggers

Where do you go for great advice about writing and freelancing? Start here, with three of my favourite posts of the week, from three reliably savvy bloggers.

Marial's deskFirst off is my fellow Vancouverite Daphne Gray-Grant, the “Publication Coach.” She dishes out a steady stream of sharp advice on writing “faster and better,” for both beginners and pros. Check out her post, 5 Stupidly Simple Ways to Improve Your Writing.

Next, Carol Tice offers six empowering tips on how to get started as a freelance writer in The Advice I Wish I’d Had as a New Freelance Writer. “I’m kind of obsessed with helping writers earn more from their work,” writes Carol on her website, Make a Living Writing.

And last, but definitely not least, is the lovely Alexandra Franzen. Her post, I spent an hour with The Oprah Whisperer. (Oh yeah!) Here’s what I learned about telling a soundbite-sized story … lays out a five-point guide to the essential art of “story-shrinkifying.”

Happy reading!