How can creativity coaching help?

Creativity coaching helps you become the prolific, unstoppable maker you long to be.

And if words like “prolific” and “unstoppable” feel out of your league, relax, you’re in good company. Even the most accomplished artists I’ve worked with feel more stuck and anxious than confident.  They tell me they struggle with questions like these:

  • Am I too old to begin?
  • I’m overwhelmed by fear and self-doubt. Does that mean I’m not really an artist?
  • What if my third-grade teacher was right, and I can’t write/paint/sing?
  • Why bother when no one cares if I do my work and everything’s already been done?
  • Should I wait until my idea is perfect or I have more training/ money/time?
  • My project feels overwhelming. How do I get started — and keep going?
  • I feel selfish taking time for my creative work. How do I fit it in with my other obligations?
  • I’m living with chronic illness. How do I find the energy to create?

Come as you are, doubts, creative blocks, inner gremlins, lack of time and all. I’ll meet you exactly where you are and set you up with the inner and outer resources to KEEP you going for life.

Some clients work with me on moving a single project from idea to completion, such as writing, publishing and marketing a book.

For others, it’s more about building a sustainable creative practice that’s flexible enough to fit into their big, messy lives.

Your big-picture dreams are my sole coaching agenda. I hold safe and nurturing space for your creative longings. Together, we open a path of action through the wild and woolly realities of your life.

Here’s how you can work with me

I offer monthly coaching because this is the best way to build and sustain creative momentum:

  • $300 a month 
  • Two biweekly 1-hour phone/Skype sessions
  • Email check-in on alternate weeks to keep you in motion 

I recommend a minimum three-month commitment if you’re serious about planning a project, mapping out a work flow and becoming an unstoppable creative.

This is deep, soul-healing work that involves delving into your creative history, exploring what’s holding you back and connecting with what’s pulling you forward. I’ll help you remember what you already know: creativity IS self-care.

And make no mistake: we’ll also get down to the practical business of putting the ground beneath your feet so you can walk your creative path every day.

Ready to begin?

Get in touch to book a free 30-minute phone or Skype call to make sure we’re a great fit. I’ll share more about the creativity coaching process and together we’ll map out next steps to support your creative dreams.


Marie-Pascale's illustration
I contacted you because I was hoping to make a change in my routines and start expressing myself through my creativity. Conversation with you has changed my whole perspective and I now have a clear, strong vision about what I want to change and what steps to take next.It distinguishes you as a coach that you didn’t just tell me how to look at things or what method to use but you drew it all out of me. As you said: It was all there but I needed to talk to you to find it. Thank you so much.

Marie-Pascale Gafinen, illustrator and infographic designer